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Moving Orem in the Right Direction

When I first ran for Orem City Council in 2013 my pledge was to bring “A New Vision. A New Direction” to Orem. I promised to listen to your concerns, decrease the debt, and increase the business friendly atmosphere in Orem. Four years later, you can see the results of our hard work.


Challenges we face in Orem

We have made a lot of progress revitalizing Orem’s business climate and decreasing the debt but we still have our challenges to overcome. I believe with sound principles, transparancy and everyone working together, there is no challenge we cannot solve.


How we tackle our challenges

It is not just enough to be right, we must also be right in process and clearly communicate. How we communicate and treat each other as a council and community matters.

Our city is a great example for cities accross the nation and Washington DC to follow.


A responsibility to decrease debt

It is the City Council’s responsibility to make sure the citizens’ money is being protected and used wisely.

Preserving our Orem Heritage and looking toward the future

Orem has a rich history and is rooted in strong family values. We have the same goals as our grandparents and those before them: provide a safe, happy community to raise our families.