Orem Families and Community Leaders Endorsing David Spencer because he is Moving Orem in the Right Direction

Dave was a huge help in getting the All-Together Playground completed.  He worked tirelessly to make sure it was completed, and it was done right.  Not only did he support the playground being built, but he spent several days volunteering in the build of the playground.  In working with him, I have seen that Dave believes in Orem.  He will put everything he can into making this city the best it can be.

Katrina Bleyl

I have really appreciated David’s help working with Orem city government and zoning. He has been an advocate for small businesses on State Street.  Please join me and many Orem small businesses in voting to re-elect David Spencer.

Haysam & Lexi Sakr

Owner, 24 Motors

I’ve seen that Dave is driven by a desire to serve and represent the residents of Orem, and he does it very well.  My neighborhood has had several issues come before the City Council and in each case, Dave has been a strong advocate and supporter of our neighborhood.   He makes every effort to understand citizen concerns and in our case, met with us in our homes and walked the area with us.  Dave knows the issues facing Orem, he seeks fiscally responsible solutions and he works to protect our neighborhoods.  We need David Spencer representing us on the Orem City Council.

LaNae Millett

I have worked with David Spencer many times while he has served on Orem City Council. He has consistently gone out of his way to make himself available to meet and discuss my concerns. He has listened attentively, and offered helpful suggestions. I believe he genuinely wants what’s best for Orem and it’s citizens, and is working hard to keep Orem a great place.

Jennifer & Adam Gale

Orem needs a Council member that is not only good on the budget but also has a big heart like David Spencer.  David has a big heart for our kids and seniors and works diligently to keep fees down for sports programs and taxes low for those on fixed incomes.

Joyce Johnson

Former Mayor of Orem

Councilman David Spencer is an excellent choice for Orem!  His integrity and decades of volunteer service in the community combined with his exceptional professional skills and experience in business finance and management provide a sound foundation for effective leadership as a member of our City Council.   He is not afraid of tackling tough issues and will stand firm in defending the values and vision that have made Orem a wonderful place to live and work.

Keven J Stratton

State Representative, District 48

I have watched David Spencer over the past 3 years as he has worked with his fellow council members to solve some of our cities most difficult problems. I am very impressed with his collaborative approach and the results of his work. Our city is moving in the right direction and we need to re-elect David Spencer!

Jim Evans

Former Mayor of Orem

I have enjoyed working with David on the council. As a fellow business person, he supports fiscally conservative actions that have benefit the citizens of Orem.  When we do disagree (which we do and should) we seek to find a workable solution.  Please join me in voting for David Spencer.

Tom Macdonald

Orem City Council

I have enjoyed working with David on the City Council. He studies the issues, meets with citizens and openly shares his thoughts and opinions. He’s a great voice to have on the council.

Mark Seastrand

Orem City Council

I have enjoyed serving on the city council with Dave. His love and passion for our recreation programs are unmatched in our community.  He is concerned with the quality-of-life in Orem and has worked tirelessly to improve parks, playgrounds, trails, and recreational offerings for youth.  He is not afraid to voice his concerns and raise questions about programming, Utopia, and other pressing issues.  He works hard for Orem and wants to make sure that varying opinions are considered.

Debby Lauret

Orem City Council

I have worked on city issues the past 4 years with David Spencer and he is very professional in his approach to seek out the facts, communicate with Orem businesses and talk to Orem citizens.  He is transparent with all his decisions and wants to continue to improve the quality of life for our community.  I support David for Re-Election to the Orem City Council.

Brent Sumner

Orem City Council

“I have watched David take on the difficult issues and defend our community values that have made Orem a great place to live. He has done a great job and Orem is now rated #1 nationally. Please join me in voting to re-elect David Spencer” –  Honorable Governor Gary Herbert

State Representative Brad Daw

Dan Hemmert, State Senator

Val Peterson, State Representative

Richard & Tammy Brunst, Orem Mayor

Adam & Crissa Robertson, Advocate for Arts

Kena Jo Matthews, Community Leader

Rod & Holly Sweeten, Youth Sports

Bill & Heather Bodine, Orem City Residents

Masakazu & Rose Watabe, Orem City Residents

Bill Crook, Orem City Resident and Retired Orem Police Officer

Carol Walker, Orem City Resident

Skip & Carol McWhorter, Youth Sports

Steve Bowler, Youth Sports

Kay Bradford, Orem Resident

Bry Christensen, Orem Resident

Mark & LeeAnne Pope, Orem City Residents

Terry & Sherry Peterson, Orem City Residents

Brad & Suzanne Adamson, Orem City Residents

Jeff & Darla Lambson, Orem City Residents

Linda & Les Campbell, Orem City Residents

Jim & Paula Hamblin, Orem City Residents